Could the business of fashion be the right entrepreneurial choice for you?
Are you looking to set a shop, trade clothes online, organize joint purchases to purchase clothes in small or large wholesale batches?
Do you represent a shop or a boutique?
Do you sell the clothes of other manufacturers, but want to expand the range of new brands that you don’t know yet?

Would you like to purchase things of future, current and past collections at bargain prices?

Buying agency Vesuvio Musthave organize wholesale purchases of Italian Fashion for Men, Women and Children. Direct purchases in showroom of best Italian factories.

We offer you shopping business tour at factories, show rooms, warehouses and stocks in Campania region with a professional buyer (shopping assistant) who has vast experience working in shopping support for shops and boutiques in Europe, Russia and CIS.

  1. Preliminary analysis of your request, consultation and drawing up an individual program depending on the amount of purchases of Italian clothes.
  2. Consulting on shop or point of sale start-up: product range, market of fashion brands and factories of Italy.
  3. Approval of the date of the visit, information support in logistics arrangements (i.e. choosing a hotel).
  4. Accompaniment to factory, consultations, negotiations with suppliers, choose support.
  5. Translation services from Italian to Russian.
  6. Warehousing, consolidation, tracking procurements and co-ordination of shipments.
  7. Assistance in organizing the delivery and customs clearance of your purchase to your Country.
  8. Follow reorders administration after your leaving Italy: management of orders from start to delivery; expedition of documents and invoices, tariffs negotiation, payment terms arrangements.



Do you have not the opportunity to come to Italy for business shopping tour?


Time and cost saving is an optimal solution for your business?


Long Distance Purchases is growing in popularity in the fashion business and has the individual forms of approach to the implementation of such purchases from Italy. You can make orders by catalogs, request current photos from the show room of the brand and choose them from your office, having in Italy the full support of a professional staff. You can adjust the job of choosing of clothes with us on-line by What’s App and Skype.





Are you interested in the factory to place its own manufacturing orders?

Do you need to outsource production from Italy?

Develop a draft comprehensive organization of the production line at the customer’s brand. The short production cycle Fast Fashion in the presence of spare capacity. Partial outsourcing of manufacturing functions.



Do you want to know where is at the moment the cheapest place for shopping in the region of Campania (Salerno, Amalfi, etc…)?

Would you like to find out the most famous brands at the cheapest price?


Would you like to buy a home interior decorating items of local producers or gifts to relatives, friends, colleagues but you don’t know where they are and without an idea on what?

Do you want to get an outside perspective and get advice on changing your style?

You don’t know a foreign language and don’t want to drive in a foreign country, but want to enjoy the delicious wine and scenery?

You can’t come to Italy, but you need something to buy in Capri or Ischia?

You want to make a long distance order of any product, article or something from Italy?

We have designed a range of shopping itineraries for our Clients, however you have the option of requesting a more personalized tour in accordance with your needs. (Additions include: Advice and Consultation Services)

Clients are given the option to shop with or without a consultant.